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Terracycle – Recycling Greatness


This fantastic innovative recycling company offers programs for recycling various different products and waste. The reason they stand out is because instead of incinerating waste or sending it to landfill they instead reuse, recycle and upcycle waste. They’re a global firm, operating in 20 countries and are funded by brands, manufacturers and retailers to help collect and recycle items.

There isn’t anything not to love about this company. The programs have public drop off points – you can search for locations of these on their website. Alternatively, some programs will allow you to collect the items to be recycled at home, and you can then download a free shipping label from their website to then send the waste directly to them. You’re only required to sign up for a free account on their website to access the shipping labels – recycling couldn’t be easier.

Their website has a host of information about what programs are available, how companies can work with Terracycle and other great initiatives to help people with their recycling needs. I’d encourage you to thoroughly look through their site, even just to see the great work that they’re doing.

Here at Onist we aim to avoid plastic packaging wherever possible, however there are some items where biodegradable packaging just isn’t an option. Or there are natural products packaged in recyclable plastic that are so much better than the synthetic alternates available. For this reason, I wanted to highlight Terracycle and their programs to encourage you to recycle such packaging with them.

There are two programs I wanted to mention in particular:

  • The Oral Care Recycling Program, sponsored by Colgate
  • The Beauty Products Recycling Program, sponsored by L’Oreal and Garnier

The Oral Care Recycling Program

The incredible Oral Care Recycling Program, sponsored by Colgate serves to recycle empty toothpaste tubes and caps, toothbrushes, the outer packaging for toothbrushes/toothpaste and dental floss. Whilst Onist stock biodegradable toothbrushes & dental floss, the toothpaste we offer come in tubes with caps that can be recycled through this program. If you’d like to send your toothpaste tube and cap in for recycling, please ensure as much of the toothpaste has been squeezed out as possible.

The Beauty Products Recycling Program

This fantastic program allows for personal care and beauty product packaging to be recycled, thanks to L’Oreal and Garnier. Items such as cosmetics packaging, air care packaging and skincare packaging are accepted and can either be dropped off as designed locations (search for locations here) or can be shipped for free through your Terracycle account.

Onist stocks some beauty products which have hard plastic lids/caps, and there is a very small number of products that are contained in recyclable plastic jars – these are examples of products that Terracycle will accept for recycling through this program.

Terracycle offers such a huge opportunity to recycle a lot of items that aren’t normally accepted in residential recycling programs. I cannot be more grateful for their efforts! Please jump on board and create an account where you can utilize the programs they have on offer for recycling.