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Climate Change - How you can help


Ways to Act On Climate Change

1.Incorporate Renewable Energy Sources

Over two million Australian houses have rooftop solar panels, but this number can continue to grow to limit our use of and dependency on fossil fuels. By shifting away from fossil fuels, we begin to reduce impacts on global warming. If you are thinking of installing solar panels, be sure to use Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers and Approved Solar Retailers to ensure they have properly and safely installed, as well as provide the expected long-term benefits of solar panels. 


2. Green Your Commute

In Australia, transportation is the second highest greenhouse gas polluter, after electricity. Alternatives to commuting can be challenging for some, but being aware of its impact and trying to be mindful is good first step. However, an actionable steps include: 

●      Taking public transportation 

●      Riding a bike/ walking 

●      Car-share 

●      Switch to an electric or hybrid vehicle 

●      Fly less, or make sure to offset your emissions 


3. Use Energy Wisely 

With our constant access to energy, we don’t often realize how much we are truly using. With the on/off switches for outlets, be sure to use these effectively and switch them off to limit unnecessary power usage. Even though products may not be plugged in, leaving chargers plugged in will still use some energy. By becoming more energy efficient, you’ll pollute less, and save money on electricity bills, win-win. Not all changes need to be large or expensive ones, the little changes do add up: 

●      Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs.

●      Unplug computers and other electronics when not in use

●      Wash clothes in cold or warm (not hot) water.

●      Hang dry clothes or purchase wool dryer balls to decrease drying times 

●      Look for the Energy Star label when buying new appliances

4. Make Changes to Your Diet 

The foods that we eat have an impact on climate change. Altering our diets slightly can have a large impact in the long-run. Simple changes include: 

●      Eating meat-free meals 

●      Buying organic/local food whenever possible 

●      Don’t waste food 

●      Grow your own 

5. Consume Less, Waste Less

In line with our previous 5 R’s blog, attempting to purchase less, often helps us waste less, and minimise our impacts on the planet. Often times when we purchase something new, it wasn’t a necessity item, so being aware of this, or opting for second-hand stores instead can make a major impact. Focussing on enjoying life from a minimalist perspective without the newest, biggest, or brightest version of something, can really help reduce the impacts on climate change.