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Love Thy Eco Product


A lot of eco products are biodegradable, which is their main benefit and really the point of why they exist. They break down, they don’t leave a mark, no waste or pollution caused. However this also means they can deteriorate more quickly when they’re not maintained for optimum use. Looking after such products doesn’t require much care, but there are a few tips we’d like to give you so that you can get the most out of your earth friendly products.


Bamboo Toothbrushes

These toothbrushes are a fantastic alternative to plastic toothbrushes, because the handles are biodegradable. However, plastic has better water proofing properties, hence in order to preserve the life of your bamboo toothbrush, take note of the below tips:

  • Rinse the brush head thoroughly after use. Toothpaste build up happens on bamboo toothbrushes just like it can with plastic toothbrushes
  • Keep the brush in a dry location after use. When bamboo toothbrushes sit in cup style holders, the bamboo can start to absorb the moisture and deteriorate quicker with the potential for mould growth. Therefore place the toothbrush somewhere where it can dry first ie in a hanging toothbrush holder or let it rest on the basin edge. Once its dried its then fine then to store in a cup.


Shampoo and Soap Bars

Like the bamboo toothbrushes soap bars deteriorate quicker when they sit in moisture. A soap rack or dish with drainage can dramatically increase the lifespan of the bar – the more they sit in water the faster they melt. This applies to soap, shampoo and conditioner bars.


Coconut fibre Scourers/Cleaning Brushes

Coconut fibre cleaning utensils are your product of choice for washing up, maintaining them is key to their longevity. Thoroughly rinsing them after each wash will help keep them residue free – they actually rinse our easier than their synthetic alternatives. Coconut fibres are naturally anti-bacterial, however if you can rinse them with boiling hot water, and then leave to dry in the sun you can also reduce the chance of any unwanted microbes hanging around.


Cotton Produce/Shopping bags

Most fruit and vegetables will have traces of residue on the surface, whether that be pesticides, fertilisers or even just soil. So it’s likely that the cotton produce bags or even shopping bags will end up with some of these residues on them. The beauty of these bags is they can be put into a washing machine and dried on a clothes line, the sun is excellent for whitening and disinfecting the cotton fibres also.


Eco products are the way forward and will hopefully be main stream and the ‘norm’ at some stage in the near future. As they still have a novelty to them and because they’re generally made of materials that cost more than plastic they often have a higher price tag. Therefore looking after them and prolonging their lifespan is well worth the effort. We hope these tips have been helpful!