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Further Tips for Choosing Plastic Free


We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly” - Anne Marie Bonneau.

Here at Onist we’d love to share some less conventional plastic free hacks that go above and beyond reusable drink bottle, cutlery, produce bags, shampoo bars, reusable food containers, etc. 

1. Opt for an ice cream cone or bring your reusable keep cup to use 

Do you love getting ice cream year-round? Sometimes you’re just feeling ice cream on a cold day, and now you can enjoy it guilt free! Next time you go out with the family for ice cream, opt to bring your reusable KeepCups, an alternative, or simply choose a cone rather than a cup. We get that not everyone loves a good waffle cone, so bringing your KeepCup will help to reduce unnecessary cups going to the landfill. Next time you go out to your local ice cream shop, bring your KeepCup, who knows, maybe they’ll even offer a discount as many cafes now do when you bring your reusable cup. Simple acts such as this are what the zero waste journey is all about. 

Photo on Instagram by @sapidscoop

2. Avoid Plastic Pet Bowls and Toys 

Another plastic item that we may have overlooked before are those that our pets use daily. Food bowls are a major plastic contributor. When purchasing products for your pet, try to opt for stainless steel options, making them durable to those teething phases, while also better for the environment. Additionally, pet toys are often plastic based, another product to be aware of when shopping for our beloved furry animals. 

3. Ask for Plastic Free Gifts 

Sometimes this can be a tough one. Just as it may have been a challenge in the beginning for you to ask for your drink with no straw, bringing your containers to the deli section, and remembering your market bags, asking for plastic free gifts is another potential obstacle to overcome. Opting for experiences rather than items can be a great way to combat this. Avoiding gift cards and jewellery that comes in a plastic bag, are also helpful when giving suggestions. Whether you really don’t need anything, those closest to us often still want to get us something, based on years of norms that have created massive industries. Another way to avoid this, but still allow those closest to your to feel validated is to have them donate to a local charity of your choice. As much as an aesthetic is often tried to be created with wrapping, try to ask those around you to simply reuse products that they may already have around their house, buying tissue paper that comes in plastic packaging, etc. Approaching the conversation can be difficult, but use it as a way to educate those in your as to what you are trying to accomplish and how much their support would be appreciated. 

4. Switch to Online Statements 

Switching to online statements has multiple benefits. Firstly, paper consumption is decreased, as well as the use for the plastic window in these papered envelopes. When we switch to online statements for bills and other mailed items, you usually can opt for email reminders, so if you’re paper statements served as a reminder for you, there’s other alternatives to ensure you are still paying items on time and decreasing your environmental footprint. 

5. Ditch Tissues for Handkerchiefs 

Just as was common in likely our parents’ lives, handkerchiefs are making a come back for all of the right reasons. These can be made out of scrap clothing, and eliminate our need to purchase tissues with major brands having the plastic windows. Although these plastic windows can be removed and recycled through Australia’s Redcycle programs and then the cardboard box placed in your recycling bin, the actual tissues are a one-time use item, unlike handkerchiefs that came be washed and used time and time again. 

Going zero waste is no easy feat, we understand that. Being aware of what products we can use as alternatives is a journey and every little bit counts. Remember that not all days will be successful days, as often convenience takes precedence. But keep trying, each day, each week, each month, try to do better than the last. We can all only do our best.