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MiEco Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult Medium


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The Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush was invented by a Dentist in Brisbane - its a sustainable option for brushing your teeth, the handles are made from bamboo, which is biodegradable.  This makes the toothbrush a more environmentally friendly option, as it wont pollute the environment.

Bamboo is a natural cellulose fibre, which grows quickly, which helps to avoid deforestation. The toothbrush's packaging is also biodegradable.

The bristles are made from a BPA free polymer. Whilst this isn't biodegradable, there isn't yet an option on the marketplace that is. The bristles result in a much smaller impact to the earth than plastic toothbrushes. 


* Rinse and dry toothbrush after each use - this will help preserve the life of the toothbrush

* Dispose of by cutting the bristles off into your regular garbage, and then dispose of the handle into the compost or landfill - the handle will break down into the soil

Single = $3.60

2 Pack = $7.00

4 Pack = $13.60

12 Pack  $39.95

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