Life before plastic

Life before plastic

Post by Alison Loxton

People lived for thousands of years before plastic was invented – it certainly revolutionised our lifestyle, providing better food preservation and a cost-effective material to create numerous objects and technology. Of course, we underestimated the negative elements, and consequently are experi...

Love Thy Eco Product

Love thy eco product

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A lot of eco products are biodegradable, which is their main benefit and really the point of why they exist. They break down, they don’t leave a mark, no waste or pollution caused. However this also means they can deteriorate more quickly when they’re not maintained well. Looking after such prod...

Terracycle – Recycling Greatness

Terracycle – recycling greatness

Post by Alison Loxton

This fantastic innovative recycling company offers programs for recycling various different products and waste. The reason they stand out is because instead of incinerating waste or sending it to landfill they instead reuse, recycle and upcycle waste. They’re a global firm, operating in 20 count...

Organic Cotton Babywear: Healthy Babies, Healthy Planet

Organic cotton babywear: healthy babies, healthy planet

Post by Alison Loxton

Organic Cotton is one of the winners in the sustainable clothing world. It is healthier for children, protecting them from exposure to harsh chemicals. It is also a sturdier fabric which creates a longer lasting garment. It is softer for young skin too. Even better, using organic cotton reduces pest...

Sustainable Toothbrushes - Bamboo!

Sustainable toothbrushes - bamboo!

Post by Alison Loxton

There are sustainable, biodegradable and natural fibre based products available that make living sustainably a breeze. It can be a simple case of swapping the same non environmentally friendly product straight over to an eco-friendly version. Bamboo toothbrushes are examples of exactly that. A strai...

Baltic Amber Benefits

Baltic amber benefits

Post by Alison Loxton

Baltic amber jewellery has been used for many health benefits, including being a natural way to help your baby through the misery of teething. This ancient European remedy is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic medicines, and it’s helping children all over the world. Weari...

Waste Free Hair Care and more..

Waste free hair care and more..

Post by Alison Loxton

Waste Free Hair Care and more.. I stumbled across the Beauty and the Bees brand after I’d heard the words ‘Shampoo Bars’ on a natural products website. I’d been looking for DIY shampoo recipes to start finding a natural alternate to commercial shampoos which often contain SLS, SLES, p...

The Zero Waste Movement: A New Sustainability

The zero waste movement: a new sustainability

Post by Alison Loxton

The Zero Waste Movement: A New Sustainability Anyone looking into ways to live more sustainably has probably come across the concept of zero waste. The zero waste movement is growing all over the world. It plays a vital part in protecting the resources of our planet. But what is zero waste and ho...

The Cost of Convenience

The cost of convenience

Post by Alison Loxton

The Cost of Convenience We’re living in an age of convenience. Our lifestyles are busier and our attention spans are shorter. This has created a huge demand for products that are instantly available and disposable, at low prices. Advances in technology have made this possible for us. We can have wh...