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Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride - PRE PURCHASE


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A Sample Pack containing 10 Tablets - perfect for those wanting to give the toothpaste tablets a try.

The Denttabs Toothpaste Tablets are an easy to use, sustainable toothpaste option - containing certified organic ingredients, with fluoride, and sustainably packaged.

To Use: place one tablet into your mouth, chew, use a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth, then rinse.

In order to reduce postage weight the tablets are contained in cardboard - once you receive your order please place them in an air tight container to retain maximum menthol flavour. To reduce the menthol intensity allow the tablets to air a little first before storing. The tablets dont deteriorate unless they come into contact with moisture.

For ages 6+, please keep out of reach of small children as they may pose a choking hazard.

Ingredientsmicro-crystalline cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, silica, sodium lauroyl glutamate, magnesium stearate, menthol (natural mint aroma +stevia), xanthum-gum, sodium fluoride, eugenol (as derived from menthol)

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