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About Us

Why we’re here.. Our Ethos

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Onist aims to offer sustainable options for everyday products in an effort to promote healthy and earth friendly living. Striving to have products available that are made from sustainable materials or created with natural ingredients, with as little or no plastic packaging is what we're about. Reducing waste or offering biodegradable options is the underlying theme with most items adhering to this. Additionally we loath animal testing and stock products that are cruelty free. We do have a lot of vegan products with the aim of increasing this as we develop.

We also hope to promote awareness of the environmental issues facing the world today. Our planet does not have infinite resources, and it can’t cope with the demands made by today’s instant-gratification, disposable consumer market. This site hopes to encourage people to protect the planet by living more sustainably – choosing natural, earth friendly products and to help create zero waste. We regularly post articles and information on our Facebook page about sustainability issues, efforts being made by people around the world, plus tips and hints for living more sustainably.

One of the biggest barriers when it comes to people adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is a lack of awareness and readily available information. This is why we’re here – we aim to be both an information source for current sustainability issues and provide encouragement when considering more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. We also want to offer a range of sustainable alternatives to the regular everyday products we use, allowing our visitors to choose more responsibly.

It’s hoped that Onist will help people make changes to their lifestyle so that together, we can begin to tackle the problems our planet is currently facing.

About Our Founder

Alison Loxton is an environmental enthusiast, animal welfare advocate and wholefood devotee. She is passionate about living sustainably and encouraging others to do so. Alison has been conscientious all her life about making “green” lifestyle choices, a principle that grew even stronger following the birth of her children. A business graduate from the Gold Coast, Australia, Alison has worked in several industries and her passion for travel has taken her to a variety of destinations worldwide. The more she saw of the planet, the more she was convinced of the necessity for more initiatives to help preserve our environment and ensure a sustainable future. Onist was born as a result of this conviction. By providing a resource that gives people the necessary information about ways in which they can live more sustainably and offering a selection of responsible and environmentally friendly products, Alison hopes to generate enthusiasm and awareness in order to protect the future of the pl
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Alison Loxton

Owner / Managing Director

Alison created and founded Onist as a means for people to choose more eco friendly products to move towards living more sustainably. She both manages the stores, looks after our customers and shares her knowledge and tips for living eco.

Brett Loxton

Brett Loxton

Owner / Wharehouse Manager

Brett is our warehouse manager extraordinaire - with a head for figures and a methodical approach, our warehouse runs smoothly, and our stock is safely stored thanks to him. He has recently acquired a new forklift and is extremely proud of it and proficient in it's use...

Alissa Ward

Alissa Ward

Marketing Manger

Our Social Media and Marketing expert Alissa keeps our social pages teaming with the latest news, updates and products from Onist. She has both a flair for marketing and a huge love for sustainability and the natural world herself - a fantastic asset to our team!

Trevor McColm

Trevor McColm

Business Strategist

Trevor is our business strategy expert. A retiree with a wealth of knowledge on business operations and finances, Trevor assists Onist with its growth and development behind the scenes.

Happy customer testimonials

A great range of products, this store makes living more sustainably that much easier

- Rebecca Watson - Customer

Onist seems to hand pick products with a sustainable origin

- Anne Nguyen - Customer