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Beauty and the Bees - Baby Bee Jojoba and Olive Oil Baby Soap

This is a beautiful, handmade soap made with pure olive, jojoba and coconut oils – it's gentle, rich, creamy and unscented, a perfect substitute for harsh chemicalised detergent baby washes which dry the skin, and so aggravate infantile eczema.Ingredients: Pure natural olive oil soap (detergent-free formulation), pure olive oil and coconut oil..

Beauty and the Bees - Body Butter Balm Bar

A solid super long lasting unscented balm bar that melts on contact with warm skin-rich in Tasmania’s unique Leatherwood Beeswax, honey and natural waxes and intensely moisturising superfine nut /plant oils such as cherry, peach, apricot kernel, plus the amazing Camellia oil, rich in vitamins A D and E to nourish and protect. Raw virgin coconut oil..
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